Product Highlights

Global: AER’s sCast is the most comprehensive long range forecasting service in the industry- providing detailed temperature and precipitation forecasts for key regions in the US, Europe and Asia.

Tailored: Highly skilled regional Heating and Cooling Degree Day forecasts that are population weighted for electricity, gas and oil demand-and for weather derivatives traders, these forecasts are provided for the CME-traded cities.

Proven Science: Forecasts that are based on a proprietary climate model developed and supported by leading seasonal forecast experts who are also available for private consultation.

The sCast Advantage

  • Proven Science with Proven Results

    Based on over a decade of climate research at AER, leading scientists modeled the effects of fall precursors and winter climate to more accurately forecast winter temperatures and precipitation. sCast’s superior forecast skill correlates to observed conditions on average, 60-70% of the time providing forecast accuracy that is second to none.

  • Superior Forecast Skill - Peer Reviewed & Published in Leading Journals.

    Since 2005, AER’s climate science has been highlighted in a feature article on the National Science Foundation’s Special Report website entitled “Predicting Seasonal Weather”.


    AER Scientists have published multiple papers in peer-reviewed climate journals. The latest publication in the Journal of Climate verified several years of model skill as compared with observations.

  • Consumer Demand Tailored Forecasts

    sCast forecasts are tailored to your trading needs- population weighted Heating and Cooling Degree Forecasts by energy type- electricity, natural gas and oil- helping you determine the impact of the forecast on energy demand.

  • Released Before Government Forecasts- Giving You an Edge

    AER’s sCast forecasts are independent of Government models, they are released earlier, and more importantly, have consistently outperformed the Government’s climate forecast.

  • Direct Access to Expert Seasonal Forecasters

    AER seasonal forecasters are available to answer your questions and explain their rationale in private consultations. Schedule them on an on-going basis or as needed- access to experts is key.

sCast Features

  • Forecast Period

    Summer forecasts (June-July-August) are released monthly beginning in February - six months in advance.

    Winter forecasts (December-January-February) are released monthly beginning in August - six months in advance.

  • Report Format

    Easy-to-read graphics, tabularized temperature anomaly, HDD/CDD forecasts and climatology and brief forecast discussion on city, regional and national basis.

    One-page reports or the longer multi-page reports.

  • Report Types

    Population Weighted Electricity, Gas and Oil reports presented in HDD and CDD format.

    Regional and National Temperature reports for the U.S, Asia and Europe.

    Regional and National Precipitation reports for the U.S, Asia and Europe.

  • Availability

    Released each month and updated weekly via email when needed.

    Available by or before the 10th business day of each month.

  • Access

    Delivered seamlessly and efficiently to you via electronic mail or a robust web-based interface.

    5+yr Archive available on website.

  • Leading Experts

    Scheduled and ‘on-demand’ access to leading seasonal experts for private consultation.