Product Description

FloodScan provides daily maps of flooding from 1992 to the present based on satellite remote sensing technology. The FloodScan system processes data gathered by space-borne microwave sensors, monitoring all land areas for flooding in clear and cloudy conditions from day and night satellite passes. When the system detects flooding, it derives flooded fraction at lower-resolution microwave data scales and applies a physical downscaling technique to produce higher-resolution flood maps. FloodScan is more likely to detect larger and longer lasting flood events (e.g., large river floods) than smaller and shorter duration events (e.g., flash floods). 

FloodScan Features


  • Temporal Coverage

    Historical flood maps dating from yesterday back to 1992 (Africa) and 2002 (North and South America). 

  • Update Frequency

    Near real-time satellite data processing with daily updates for the entire spatial coverage.  

  • Current Spatial Coverage

    All of Africa, South America, and North America up to 90-meter resolution. 

  • Detectability

    Large flooded regions.